20 August 2012

The Big Balkan Trip. Novi Sad, Serbia

The Trip began quite unexpectedly, because we caught a ride from some forgotten gas station near Brno straight to the Serbian border. We crossed a border on foot, watched a sunrise and had a coffee on the back of the gas station and watched huge Muslim family having huge breakfast.

In few hours we were already in Novi Sad and watched all the wonders of ex Yugoslavia for the first time.
From cars with old, Yugo-plates, whole streets full of old, falling apart buildings just a few meters away from new and shiny buildings, dozens of cats, Cyrillic writings in this lovely, funny language, we somehow more or less understood.

Through discovering new, local vegan food, accidentally finding a wonderful bike-cafe and getting to know lovely people. And the impression of microcosm hidden in the little, pastel-co loured, calm streets as well as the conscience of going through the hometown of a friend of mine, knowing it only from her stories.
And the first contact with the heat, which was still pretty mild as it was supposed to turn out.
Lots of positive energy and a long train ride to Belgrade.

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