18 August 2012

Balkan Street Art

When i started to sort out the pictures from the Big Balkan Trip I realized that I've seen so many great pieces of street art that they deserve a separate post.
There you go then, chronologically.

Novi Sad, Serbia

First city on our Balkan map, first big surprises.

"BIGZ" Belgrade, Serbia

Amazing place, lots of good works.

Prokuplje, Serbia

Some little town in north Serbia we just passed through on a hitch hike roam towards Kosovo and not as impressing as surprising pieces.

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina

Mostar, Bosnia and Hercegovina

The most amazing piece of art I've seen. 1 m wide, hand made owl (no copy!), placed on a fence surrounding ruins of a building.

"MEDIKA" Squat, Zagreb, Croatia

Not especially hospitable place, but with a great potential and lovely art.

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