4 February 2012

aimless ramblings of wayward wander

I started to write paper letters.
First I've noticed that I use extra expression "paper letter-mailbox address", because mailbox address means obviously e-mail.
Because I made stencils, which I decorated envelopes with.
Because of privacy of correspondence.
And because I believe that real words written on paper have greater power than even the most beautiful electronic letter. Just like the words written with your own handwriting could have some hidden meaning, deeper contents or because they just look beautiful.
That's what I still had thought some weeks ago, before I received some of the most beautiful emails in my life.
And before I couldn't read one, encrypted email which I was waiting for with my head in Winter clouds and my heart flying in frosty air over the grazing outside the town. I waited for one sunny day and regardless freezing cold I went to take pictures of those beautiful spaces I always watch outside the window on a train.
Of course, they turned out to be old, abandoned grasslands, completely useless in age of factory farming, but still so sad. Huge pieces of land cut into pieces with barb-wire fences, so easy to trespass for us and other smaller animals but completely closed and out of reach for the cattle.
I left and came back in few days, when snow fell down, to take pictures again. And again I thought of the countless years through countless beings were forced to live on those beautiful spaces with only one purpose.
Thank you, who consider being vegan, who take the effort to think about wider aspect of animal products consumption. I'm so glad I could help.

Thank also everyone who wrote me in last few weeks. I've never received so much.
I still wait for paper letters, some of emails I wish so much to have on paper as well. Some of the words are just so precious.

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