7 February 2012


I remember when when I found out about polyamory, during one of the Warsaw's Hard Core festivals, on one of zine stalls I found a zine "Anarchy and Polyamory". Honestly I've never read it till the end, but I read other things.
I also took a look through my last ten years of being in relationships, monogamous relationships which somehow always made me unhappy. And the more I was reading about it, the more I was getting sure, how much it all refers to me.
A lot of time passed since then, I fell in love and fell out several times, but what most important I learned a lot about myself.

Except treating the fact of falling in love as something natural and not necessarily ending good (or as well bad), I learned to share and divide my emotions.

Last months taught me a lot more about this subject, I've never had to be so flexible and cautious in treating my heart with care, just not to let it break. I've been through so many different and rich relations like never before and now I feel like my heart's capacity of feelings extended just like my lungs and circulatory system competence extended after months of running.
I feel full of love. Again, but this time I don't feel anymore, that no one needs it. I just know how to manage it wisely.

And I keep on living my Northern life in small, funny town near big awesome city, I enjoy snowy, beautiful Winter, I'm more active that I expected I'd be.
The future will remain unwritten.

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