28 February 2015

February and yoga-is-the-new-skating

New year started extremely intense. Not only I kept to my New Year's resolutions in 120% and survived most of the Winter being in excellent mood. Last month I spent in city trains going places and running errands, healing my weather resentment with litres of coffee, books, Spanish, good food, being social and... yoga!

Due to my "I'm 30 now:let's serious" resolution I decided to seriously start exercising on a regular basis as a habit and part of my life. Just a year ago I was sure that I found my ultimate passion and perfect sport with skating, but little I knew.
After knee injury I was off ALL sports for months and as the time went by and a healing progress was disappointingly slow I knew I'll never dare to skate again on a full volume.
I had to find something new, a sport that does not feel like a chore, is involving, challenging and fun.
Yoga is everything I need and more. After 2 months of not too intensive exercising I feel how my body changes, calibrates, somehow adjusts to it's real, proper shape and condition. It makes me want more and every session is like a little adventure, trying out new things, noticing the connections between moves, seeing if I can do it and how I improved since the last time.
I'm staying with it.

February was exhausting but rewarding.
I was totally involved in wedding preparations, which surprised me in so many ways that I need a separate post only about it.
I was having more fun in my job than ever before, what is not a normal state of my mind.
I was unexpectedly starting a new friendship I'm happy and warm about.
I did not take a single picture with my camera since the mountain trip in December, so I'm just instagraming. It's all because of the weather, which is, by the way the only thing I can't stop complaining about.

Today I found a cheap source of lupin beans, one of food-loves of my life, I haven't been eating since last year's Euro-trip and Portugal.

Life is good.

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