21 March 2015

happily everafter

On windy, cold day in the beginning of March I got married.

Bureaucracy forced us to proceed and we set up the date "for next week!", feeling excited, crazy, chaotic and a bit disappointed.
We regretted that our families couldn't be there, that we didn't wait till real, flowery and sunny Spring, that it didn't turn out to go "the way we planned".

It was an amazing experience in the end without any doubt.

Denmark merged in North Germany, peace and quiet, village and a beautiful, comfortable house we rented on the sea side, sea, forest and raw nature waking up for Spring, which we could see right through glass-walls.

Spending a day with couple of best friends, cooking, talking, sharing hearts and celebrating, no better way imaginable.

A bit of magic, amazing landscapes and some of romantic, emotional symbols I like to think of as a good omen.
A boat, a gate, a majestic tree, sea, even lighthouse was there.

All-mighty calm, strength, comfort and love I felt that day I will keep in me forever.

So this is beginning of my new future, I'm enjoying every second.

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