15 January 2015

This is the beginning of anything you want. I said YES!

"This is the beginning of anything you want.": I saw this on a Facebook wall of one of my friends. Well said, especially when it comes to New Year, resolutions, and all the hopes beginning of a year always brings.

Even I have some new year's resolutions, as always modest and humble, manageable, not too far from a comfort zone. Like more workout, more books, more art.

But in fact my comfort zone is going to be challenged once more, serious way.

This pictures have been taken in Bieszczady, Poland, during a lovely road trip we made in the end of December and over a New Year. A wild, far from civilisation, full of legends and famous part of the country I always wanted to visit turned out to be a winter wonderland.

On a New Year's Eve, on the top of the mountain (a lovely viewpoint in fact) we got engaged! Pretty awesome, totally our style, the way that makes it a cute story to tell.

But more follows.

Looks like my fate decided to actually make my life the way I wish it to be according to my biggest and deepest dreams.

I have a fiancé who's a best kind of person for me to spend a life with. And I'm moving to US to live there. Exactly the way I always wanted.

Nothing more to add for now.

Since I less and less people visit the blog and I'm not smart or stubborn enough to spread it, I'm not sure who's actually my audience.
But whoever you are, thanks for coming around, please enjoy the pictures of one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to.

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