14 September 2014


Summer is a magic time of wonders and adventure, as if anything could happen, like I'm always waiting for something to come true.
I remember spending Summers of my teenage and young adult years in a constant craving for love, passion, miracles I could think of and remember about.
Craving for something to happen with my life, that will make it worth writing a book about it. Or making a movie. And I never felt special enough in my own eyes.

But it changed and at some point things started to happen that made it worth writing about it. Or I just started to live my life this way.

This Summer was not adventurous, I was working a lot, my one and only planned trip to Czech Republic for Fluff Fest did not work out, I was in Hamburg most of the time.

But the Summer was hot, it let me sleep and swim naked, wear summer dresses and never get cold, even in the middle of the night. It let me wish upon a star, enjoy food, nature and bike, read as much as I please.
But most of all, this was a Summer of my love, our love;
trying out, getting closer, learning and teaching trust, sharing and giving and becoming better versions of us.
Without sacrificing anything, staying warm, charmed, safe and confident.

But the Summer is over, as always, too soon. I had to switch rapidly to another season, with all of it's features, although I was not ready at all.

And we are still here, stronger than ever before.

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