5 November 2014


I have not much to say this time. Or rather so much to tell, but it all doesn't fit into words so well. I have bunch of pictures waiting for me to edit, as well as some stories to tell. But the words are not there.

I'm happy. As much as I've been only few times in my life. Fall goes by, my love have moved to Berlin, so we have just weekends together and I'm still more lonely than ever, my health is giving me hell. But this calm, ease and warmth I feel now wouldn't trade for anything.

I enjoy candle light, good food, reading books, learning a new language, beautiful music and movies. I enjoy every sunny day, every bike or bus ride and Fall landscapes.

I enjoy every minute together with him, as well as every hour I'm alone.

I learn not to be lonely. I learn how to make friendships again.

I enjoy learning to live in today, no matter how trivial it seems, no matter how exciting the future is.

I'm living the dream.

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