12 August 2014

There will be a way. A new chapter.

I wanted to write this post a long time ago. Or at least as soon as I moved to Hamburg. Or as soon as I fell in love with my new imperfect life.

At the end of Winter I decided to leave the house project, where I was living and working for almost 3 years. The list of reasons is long, but the most important was, that I had not enough reasons to stay. And a strong need to move on.

I found a job in my profession at the same time as I found an apartment. I re-entered a well-known world of wage work and buying my free time. It cost me a lot to admit this, but it wasn't the hardest choice I've ever made.
And I felt even some sort of relief.

Old habits die hard, they say..

The same relief I felt moving again to a big city with a big river in the middle. And I live on the "wrong" side of the river again!

I love Hamburg with all my heart, for being so spacious, busy, unable to discover, full of surprises, generous in giving me my privacy, freedom and anonymity.

I love simple joys, listening to the music on a subway on my way to work, riding a bike through summer park, having a pick-nick by the river, watching a movie in an open-air cinema, having a beer on a crowded street on a summer evening. Going or organising events.
Smell of a river breeze.

And I'm not alone in this. I have the best company I could think of. We're so beautifully, consciously together. We're heading forward to the future, just the way we wanted. Just like that.
And it works, damn*, this really works. But that's another story.

I'm just happy. Bonjour bonheur!

"There Will Be A Way"

shut your eyes,
see the future's distant shore
march ahead
more enlightened than before
and there's sure to be bumps
and distractions
but I know we'll get through
there will be me, there will be you
there will be a way
unresolved repercussions from your life
fortified with the vitriol of strife
and you can be gridlocked by predictions,
but you're wise grab the prize
then revise, realize
there will be a way
hey... ho
and I don't know where we are going
but we're here on this ride
and we'll stand side by side
all along the way
follow me to the future's distant shore
vagary needn't haunt us anymore
and now it's time to set the agenda,
learn the past, make it last
share the wealth, hold your fire,
conserve life, make it right
kill the hate, negotiate
there will be a way
there will be a way
there will be a way

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