18 December 2012


Guess it went a bit personal lately. For anyone, who feels bored or disappointed, I'm terribly sorry.
I guess this blog will change the focus a bit.
The time of bigger or smaller travels every one and the half month is over, the whirl is gone or at least slowed down a lot. And although I plan some travels in following months, either I know where I will go, or plans are too fragile to talk about them yet. I'm having a good time not moving too much and finding second, third or fourth bottoms of things I already know.

I also work more than for many months before and I find taking pictures too much of and effort. But I miss it and here it is.
I thought about and imagined these pictures before I took them. For the first time not just shooting what comes in front of me, but really wanting to do it and looking forward to how it will look like.

Let's give us a little X-mas flow. This year I spend it with all the most important people. And the two, who are important yet another way. Let's see what comes out of it. Anyway December is full of warm, cozy evenings covered with snow, making presents, making plans, working and playing snowballs with Elba.

We move on different orbits, getting closer and further, but always in sight. So many things without a name gained their description, and yet so many remain unnamed. I shake off the rests of shame from writing about themes I didn't dare to think of. Emotions, sensations and conclusions.
One of my best friends said that I've changed. That could be possible.

I still look into horizon. But the irresistible need to rush forward it is somehow gone. Even the pictures I take lately are a proof. I find it so much more fun to take them with 50mm fixed lens, where I have to include the details of the single sequence. The time of here and now.

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