30 November 2012

Elba the dog.

Elba is one of my latest stories. I never thought I would have a dog. I would never even expect, that I would want to have one. Or even ever like one.
But during the last year once sown seed has been growing and resulted with me searching through hundreds of sad dog stories on adoption websites, dozens of articles about dog behavior and two visits in animal shelter.

Finally I adopted Elba.
I was really stressed and unhappy in the beginning, even though I tried to prepare myself for that, it was so much different from taking care of the cats, even the most messy, annoying, difficult, stupid or weird cat personalities I've ever been in contact with. But no matter how bad I'd wish to, I can't take care of a cat at the moment. And maybe for some more years, maybe never again.
I'm still working on our friendship. So much to learn, but we're both patient.
And I still feel like taking Elba from the shelter I did more for her than for me.
I hope she's happier with me.

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