22 November 2012

Szczecin always on the way.

I was gone for almost three months, and in this time so much has happened, that I can't decide where to start. I also unfortunately haven't taken many pictures, although I'll try to catch up a bit with stories. I have a lot of them.
Autumn went by so fast and somehow I didn't manage to take lovely colorfull pictures again. Autumn is always too short.

Most of the times I travel from Germany to Poland I change the trains in Szczecin. I've been there outside the train station only twice and from both times I have lovely memories. It's a really wonderful place, a bit boring, but you can find great initiatives active there.
I was moving from North to West and back several times during this months, almost every time visiting Szczecin. Never longer than for 2 hours.
Not even once leaving the train station.

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  1. Szczecin is a beautiful city and you're missing a lot when not staying for a bit longer to eat the fried-potato-sandwich or hanging around the legendary second hand shops.