29 May 2012

Bella Italia. Firenza !

In the end of the Italian trip we stopped in Florence for one afternoon. The plan was to find some vegetarian restaurant, which someone recommended to one of us and to eat there before long night train ride back to M√ľnchen.
I personally wanted just to eat pizza.
I already tried Italian coffee, feast, hospitality. It was about time for pizza.

End in end after 1,5 hour wandering around we stopped just anywhere (to my delight) and ordered damned good one. Nevermind it tasted just the same as any pizza you can eat around whole Germany (including the North Sea) in any random Italian restaurant.
This one was Italian. And of course Vegan.

And the city! Despite amounts of tourists, calm, beautiful, vibrant.
For the first time in my life I saw so many motor scooters.

I also realized that Florence is one of the favourite cities of Hannibal Lecter. And it was the Florence's tower from where he threw Rinaldo Pazzi.
I haven't seen the tower, but I realized suddenly how lucky I am to be free to travel and surprisingly see places I've never dreamed of seeing. Like this city and whole Toscania, about which I read in a book when I was 15 and only imagined how beautiful it must be to satisfy Lecter's sophisticated taste.

After this short time and some talks with Italian friend I promised myself to come back and take a better look around.

Or fill the plan B: move to a one of the Italian squats and live out of dumpster-diving and join dozens of street artists selling self drawn postcards to tourists.
I plan to remain this free.

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