18 January 2012


I'm the last person to be surprised how much fun it is to make presents with your own hands. But this place, in a little village somewhere in the north of Germany enchanted me completely. First with it's atmosphere, something between chilled out Sunday's morning coffee with flat-mates and feeling of being creatively busy, as in all well organized workshops. All put together in wonderful, warm space full of pottery in all stages of progress, clay dust and decorations.
Then with a friendly and warm welcome to work together and then with positive energy I carried with me long after I left.

I had this opportunity to make some not-so-perfect useful gifts in my friend's internship workshop. I can't wait to come back.

On the way, in one of the suburb buses I saw a bookshelf. Looks like a good idea to read something light on a way to work.

I can imagine myself in twenty years having this calm, slow life of fulfilled woman, somewhere in the wilds or deep suburbs of Europe, just having fun with work.

But still there's too much to do and
roads are too broad and tempting.

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