31 December 2011

Weihnachtsmarkt. Hamburg.

Whatever you say about Christmas, whether you love the sound of cheesy songs and bells and enjoy shopping, hate it because of pressure of tradition, family, culture and consumerism or treat it as some time in a year fixed for cooking, meeting and giving presents. Here people make Weihnachts markets and have truly fun out of it. Just because they can hang around outside, meet friends, eat something unhealthy and drink some spiced wine. In the meantime spend some money on useless gifts or sweets. I'm not saying it's something great. I just see relaxed people spending time elsewhere than in shopping-malls or in front of TV. I've seen it before in Summer and in Autumn, guess Germans also have their ways to deal with Winter.

By the way, despite amount of wasted electricity and supporting capitalism - that was awesome. I envy German children a bit.

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