10 July 2014

Big Spring European Trip: Portugal

As usual, I'm sorry for being silent for so long. The life has its ways and rules, I had to bring some order into it and it took me a while.
A lot happened within all these months, not all I will recall. What's important, is some kind of magic chain of coincidences, that seem to be happening to me, bringing up similar situations, dates and places from the past. And millions of memories.
And hopes. And dreams.

So, that trip should be called BIG SPRING NEW-LOVE-SEE-HOW-WE-GET-TOGETHER EUROPEAN TRIP. But the love was not yet love back then. It doesn't matter now anyway. So:

We decided to take a trip before we both find a job and run out of time or run out of money on the first place. A bit crazy, concerning the fact that I was without job and flat, knowing that after we come back I have to fix everything ASAP.

We were supposed to meet some friends in San Sebastián, Spain, but since the only cheap flights we found were to Porto, Portugal, the plan was to spend a few days there and hitch-hike back visiting Spain, Paris and Cologne on the way.

This is the same route I made with one of my best friends in Fall four years ago, going from Cologne, Bruxelles and hitch-hiking further down South to.. Porto, where she used to live.
Can't even tell how much I've learned during this 1,5 months then, about myself, world and making choices and making friends.

So I was about to do the same with my fresh new relationship. In the middle of March!

It was also my first flight, nice experience. We got to Porto almost missing the airport bus in Hamburg, him being totally ill and me awaiting a great adventure and wave of memories.
Porto did not surprise me though, I've seen a lot during these years and the city, however beautiful, was just a memory.
We've been welcomed by the friends of a friends in their house with a roof-garden in a ruined building, had a nice day on a beach, I finally could eat as much of baked chestnuts as I wanted (food in Portugal is way cheaper than in Germany) and we camped in a lovely fairy-tale bushes in the middle of the city.
We didn't hitch-hike anywhere. After 1,5 days of standing in one spot we gave up and took a train straight to Spain.

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