8 January 2013

"What else is there?"

I looked up in stats recently to discover that almost no one reads this blog.
It's almost 1,5 year I'm writing it quite regularly and I know it always takes time to get a certain amount of readers, be linked and so on. But come on. I knew from the beginning, that I write it more for the people I know, who can just look up the pictures from my travels, or even for myself but still.. come on. I even started to put titles of popular songs in post titles, because I've noticed that it pays (One day we'll be old post broke the record of entries with 90 ! No illusions, that even 10% read it untill the end).

Then I thought it's probably pretty boring for people to read some personal stories with grammar mistakes and not-so-well pictures instead of another socio-political-situation-analysis-with a lot of funny swearwords-feminist-blog.
Well, selbstverständlich, I can use some funny long, misterious German words instead.
Let's say I keep on treating it as some kind of a diary. But one thing keeps me anxious, since the time I once read it in some article. If one day the whole Internet will cease to exist, there will be literally no trace left after our civilization. No one will ever know what kind of worries, joys and every day life we had, what kind of people we were, because all that is remaining will be gone forever in some electronic mist. Yes, there are still books, even I own some and I know, that people still buy and read them. But that's not the same as personal stories!

Following this sad thoughts path I came to the conclusion, that the only hope lays in zines. Those are almost extincted as well, but again, I know people who buy them and make them. I also planned to make a blog with my artworks, maybe connecting this two ideas could be a good point to put it on the top of my New Year's "to-do" list.

Let's see what comes. As a entertainment I serve you one of the most beautiful songs and most inspiring videos if my life. Don't forget to get inspired!

ROYKSOPP - WHAT ELSE IS THERE from martin de thurah on Vimeo.

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  1. I don't know, I think that for a personal blog 90 people viewing one entry is a quite good result. And I know a fair amount of people who are reading it on a regular basis.

    So either you have to mainstream the content or find more friends. And I would leave it as it is because I like it very much.