30 April 2012

Wild East : Київ - Львів

One of the saddest and unexpected places. How hot and exhausting it all was, first the hitch-hiking just to get close to the Polish - Ukrainian border, then bloody expensive train station food shopping and crazy journey in amazing huge, cheap night train, as dark and unfamiliar, as tired and lost we were.
By the good-night snack I learned to read cyrillic-alphabet on a train ticket.

Sleep came with ease, in the morning everything looked so much better, brighter and easier. The tea was served by ticket inspector in old-school glasses with handles that my grandmother used to use until middle '90s.

In Kiev sun and heat punched us to the ground, we got covered with gray dust and so it was about to stay for next couple of days.

We had so wonderful time, I was head over heels in love, felt this powerful tiny threads between us, old and new friends, all other people, through easier and heavier moments.

But Ukraine, you're so sad, gray place covered with dust.
With dirty, crowded streets in the city and collapsing houses on villages, omnipresent stray dogs, little yellow suburban buses, Orthodox churches dripping with gold.

Vegan ice cream and vegan mayonnaise. Both on a religious ground.

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