25 November 2011

Rhein < 3 : Düsseldorf, Köln, Mainz ...

As for the one river, too many memories.
One river, 3 days, 3 cities. Nothing could be more special as Köln, where I took a look around Germany for the first time, came back in the meantime to help and share and now I found again one of the closest to my heart autonomous centers and these special friends, which I don't have to see every day. I don't even have to define this relation. I just find this calm, warm, soothing, safe place and so special people.

 One fast trip to Düsseldorf, where again unconditional kindness, hospitality and openness  lets us see the city with both : street full of madly  expensive boutiques and another, full of squatted houses. And the river. We make friends with cats and have one of the best breakfast - talks in history of couch surfing.

Then finally Mainz. City of bikes, students and all those memories, which gives me creeps and makes heart beat so much faster.

Right half of them are not memories. They will never be. They're as real as the too long walk, too warm evening, ridiculously as for Halloween, as visit in a hospital, as working together in one of these places, which exist outside of real world, but still so close. As the support, that have never been more needed. As as coffee/adrenaline/falling in love rush. Falling and staying in love and then falling again, every time deeper, every time more conscious, more helpless, more consent.
And the river. Amazingly calm, cold and eternal.

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