23 October 2011

Unser Norden

What's better to do on sunny autumn Friday than go to North Sea coast to see Wattenstrand. Almost 150 km and no one checked our tickets.
We came to see water high, corny seaside souvenirs (oh, as everywhere!), and dozens of relaxed tourists in mid 50', quite relaxed children, to lay in the last warm sun, to make friends with scary, giant seagulls, and look for vegan food & drink.
We found both, wrote our postcards and when we came back to the beach early evening, the sea was already gone, far away from the shore. It left us few hundred meters of this so special wet bottom of the sea full of little sea worms I've never seen before. We went to chase the sea up to the line of the water, and we met it running away, still retreating.
Despite wet shoes and cold feet. 

In the Tove Jansson book „Comet in Moominland” at the end, all tired travelers meet on their way empty sea. The tide distracted by comet was so strong, that it took away the sea somewhere, revealing bottom full of old shipwrecks, strange shells and yet not completely dead sea animals. They walked on the bottom for some days in fear and red, terrible light of the approaching comet. I was maybe 10 years old reading it and I was scared.

Today I was just amazed.

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