3 September 2011

tonite we ride

For this life I've chosen trust is one of the things I appreciate the most. Because of that everything is possible and  everything collapses, when this simple trust is betrayed. We contact through emails from a distance of thousands of kilometers, we invite each other to our homes, we eat together sharing all we have, we listen so attentively to each other. We listen to our songs, our hopes, our voices, our joy. We want to be better, warmer, wiser, more significant.
We all love bikes. We all love empty cities by night. We all love those abandoned houses in which we spark a life. We all fall in love. We change the world sometimes.

Thank you for an amazing night, all of you, who joined me.

Ryan Harvey gig, 02.09.2011, "Eufemia" , Warszawa, Poland.

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