7 September 2017

Zuzu went Americaning

Lots of good and bad things have happened since I last posted here. I moved to the USA, survived first year's culture shock, abusive relationship, domestic violence and got divorced. Also changed profession and job, made friends and tons of memories.
Also, found the love of my life, fell in love and got engaged (again!).
I spend less and less time with my camera and on editing pictures, and that's a shame. But I also started another blog I solely promised not to abandon.
I started it with my move to the US and it's more about impressions and sociocultural commentary than artsy pictures.
Please find me there. I'll be happy to read comments and see likes on my Tumblr.
I am farthest from home I've ever been, so far that I accepted the fact that idea of "home" does not apply to me anymore. I am where I always wanted to be.
I am where sea lights touch the sky.

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