30 November 2015

Polish Summer

This Summer was my last Summer in Europe. It came later than ever and was truly and satisfying hot. I felt it intensely with every sunny day, breathing with a fresh air every early morning and enjoyed its every summer storm. This time was special for many reasons.

In July my family came to visit me in Hamburg and we went together to Poland to spend few weeks there. We rented a car and a cabin at the lake, took a trip to the seaside and went to see lots of places from my past, which have a meaning to me. Although loosely planned, we ended up following my own emotional map of special places - small corners of the world I wanted to show to my husband and see for myself once again. Places like a lake where I went for Summer holidays with my family as a kid or a camping site I went for my first young adult holidays with a boyfriend or a little village at the seaside where I went with my grandparents when I was six and fell in love with the sea for life.
In the end I went with my best friend to the Fluff Fest, small, vegan, hc-punk scene festival in Czech Republic, where I "grew up" ideologically in a sense.

That was also a goodbye. To the past that shaped me and to the memories I will take with me. The huge chapter of my life is going to close and I appreciate every person that came across my path, every love, every friendship, every life event and decision I made and that all this things were great in the end, because they made me who I am.
I am a different person and the only thing I expect is more changes.

Love Life.

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