30 September 2013

The Autumn is back

and I'm not really sure if I'm happy about it. Normally I was always a bit fed up with Summer and couldn't wait for Autumn and changes: change of mood, weather, landscapes, clothes, tasks, activities. So much happens usually in Autumn. Or actually ALWAYS.
It's the busiest time of a year for me.
This time isn't any different, except, that I wanted Summer to stay. I wanted to have holidays, stay up late, party, sleep until noon, eat french-fries, skate, romance, read, paint the flat and work on projects until the rest of my life.
End of Summer was as satisfying and fulfilling as it only can be. With new agreements on an old love, discovering ourselves like taken from the bottom of the sea. The loveliest weather possible, warm and humid, sunny days and warm nights. A trip to the seaside, a trip to Warsaw, wonderful visits and lots of good stories, food, talks and emotions.
But the Summer is over, I have more work than ever and everything is of course very exciting.. and more political. And I still find time to do pleasant things.
Like street art. And skating.

Autumn, time for tea and baked potatoes again.

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